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Wage, labor and safety laws are in place to protect workers across the state of Ohio and the United States. However, in some cases, employers violate these laws. If you have been the victim of a wage, safety or labor law violation, you need to consult an experienced Cleveland employment law attorney for assistance.

About Employment Law

Employment law includes a variety of provisions designed to improve life for workers and protect them from harm, including:

  • Minimum Wage and Overtime – Under federal law, most employers are required to pay employees at least a minimum hourly wage for their work. They are also required to pay employees a wage equal to 1.5 times their normal hourly wage for overtime hours. Exceptions to this law occur when employees are exempt from the minimum wage because of the nature of their position. For example, workers in executive positions are often exempt from minimum wage and overtime laws.
  • Occupational Safety and Health. – Employers are required to provide reasonably safe work environments for their employees. For example, employers must provide workers with protective equipment when necessary, and they must post certain safety notices in specific locations.
  • Discrimination. – Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees on the basis of gender, age, religion, sexual orientation and other such characteristics. This law applies to hiring, firing, assigning promotions and other important decisions.
  • Family and Medical Leave. – Federal law allows employees to take leave for specific family or medical reasons, such as the birth of a new child. Employers must allow this type of leave and cannot discriminate against employees who take it.

Hiring an Employment Law Attorney

If your employer has violated an employment law, you can take legal action. However, because these laws can be complicated, hiring an experienced employment law attorney is highly recommended in these situations. An employment law attorney in Cleveland will be able to evaluate the situation, determine which specific laws have been broken and help you decide on the best course of action.

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Dealing with employment law violations can be frustrating, especially if the violation cost you your job, a significant amount of pay or an important promotion. If you need an attorney who provides employment law services throughout Cleveland, Mancino Co., LPA can help. Please contact the office today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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