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When you or a loved one received injuries because someone else was negligent, you need aggressive, smart legal representation immediately. At Mancino Co, LPA, located in Cleveland, you can work with an experienced Cleveland personal injury attorney to obtain the justice and fair compensation you deserve.

Mancino Co, LPA – Personal Injury Attorney

Cleveland Attorney Brett Mancino founded Mancino Co, LPA, in 2012, to serve people from Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Summit, and Portage Counties, Ohio. Many clients come to Mancino Co, LPA, for legal advice, consul and representation after they or a loved one suffered injury in accidents that resulted from negligence. Still others needed his aggressive legal representation to fight unfair workplace events and discrimination, or for help dealing with reluctant insurance companies.

Personal Injury Legal Services

This law firm has handled a broad variety of cases, including those that required extensive litigation. Brett takes time with each client, and he treats each case as a unique event. He is meticulous in his work, always providing personalized legal representation.

There are many events that may result in needing to file legal claims under Ohio Personal Injury Law. In addition to vehicle accidents that result in injury or death due to negligence or equipment failure, many times the insurance companies resist making fair payments. Another area where people are harmed financially and sometimes physically is employment and labor.

  • Litigation – Many personal injury claims go to formal courtroom litigation for resolution. We provide aggressive, smart representation that pinpoints the issues and provides the strongest possible arguments on behalf of our clients. We have a strong record of wins at all phases of litigation.
  • Trucking Accidents – Serious injury or death is frequently the result of trucking accidents. The large size and weight of trucks can quickly demolish a smaller car, motorcycle or bicycle when there is a collision. Vehicle accidents often happen due to driver negligence, disobeying driving laws or signage, and equipment failures.
  • Employment & Labor – People file personal injury lawsuits to overcome workplace discrimination, labor disputes and unfair work procedures. In some cases, workers and others are injured due to safety violations, equipment failure, or poor maintenance of grounds.
  • Insurance – We help clients obtain fair compensation from reluctant insurance companies that only want to pay out minimal amounts for injury and damage claims.

To discuss your concerns about injury or accident claims with an experienced Cleveland personal injury attorney, contact Mancino Co, LPA, in Cleveland, OH. Call Brett now, at: 216-621-1742.

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