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Insurance contracts are commonly misunderstood by consumers, who are consistently surprised by their insurance carriers’ willingness to charge premiums, but not offer the compensation initially promised. In the midst of such frustration, it pays to have a trusted legal representative on your side. Consider working with Brett Mancino of Mancino Co., LPA, an esteemed Ohio law firm that represents consumers in complicated insurance cases. With Cleveland insurance & business law attorney Brett Mancino’s help, you can hold problematic insurance carriers and other businesses accountable — and secure the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Disputes

When you purchase an insurance policy, you expect to be compensated in the event of a loss, not denied outright. Insurance disputes commonly lead to a lengthy and very stressful courtroom process. If litigation proves necessary, it is important to work with an aggressive attorney with a track record of courtroom success. Your attorney should advocate passionately on your behalf, in the interest of maintaining your financial best interests and holding problematic insurance carriers accountable.

Representation For Wronged Consumers

Insurance providers are by no means the only businesses that mistreat consumers. Fraud is unfortunately common in several industries. In addition to handling insurance cases, Brett Mancino represents consumers harmed by intentionally misleading business practices. His aggressive approach to business litigation leads to favorable resolutions, even when going up against businesses with major sway and extensive legal resources.

Mancino Co., LPA: Aggressive, Smart Legal Representation

A detail-oriented attorney, Brett Mancino offers personalized service and a wealth of knowledge regarding the local insurance industry and litigation process. He understands the stress inherent in insurance disputes, especially for consumers who expected only the best from their insurance carriers. He seeks to cut through the confusion by educating his clients on their rights as consumers and on the problematic tactics commonly utilized by insurance carriers, who may intentionally maintain unreasonable positions in the interest of securing a profit — no matter the cost to the consumer.

Whether your claim has been denied or you have otherwise been mistreated, it is in your best interest to work with a highly respected business and insurance law firm in Cleveland, Ohio. Reach out to â€‹Mancino Co., LPA today to learn more about your options and how Brett Mancino can resolve your insurance dispute.

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